Selectable dishes

Nene's MENU
Your choice of 5 course: choises are from our 17 dishes of Spa Bar Nene29,
including our popular meat dishes such as Kobe Beef in a bite size an the old favorite croquette.

Selection of Tajima beef



Sukiyaki stock as mystic teaching.
In order to make full use of the original taste.
It was cooked by trial and error.
"Tajima beef" from the earth brought up in the mountainous and abundant environment of the Tajima region.
Tajima beef's Sukiyaki with its stock soaks into firmly.
It covers many layers of taste.
It's like Millefeuille.
"Musical Concerto" will be played in the mouth.

"Shabu Shabu" (japanese hot pot)

"The japanese black beef" is the brand which is famous in all over Japan (Matsusaka beef and Oomi beef, Kobe beef etc).
Tajima beef is their "breeding cattle".
The shinning marbled beef is called the origin of the brand beef.
It is totally like the work of art.
Immerse the meat in hot water for a moment, please dip it in special ponzu sauce and sesame sauce.
Shabu Shabu

Order buffet "Kushi-age" plan

Order buffet "Kushi-age" plan
Order buffet "Kushi-age" plan which can be satisfied with the fresh ingredients have just fried.
Taste delicious gourmet Kushi-age at Arima road.
A skilled chef ascertains the ingredients and fries it in an exquisite timing.
Please thoroughly enjoy the excellent food "Kushi-age" that we are proud of.
It's flavorful seasonal taste.
An example menu

An example menu

Order buffet "Kushi-age"
Red miso soup
Dishes of country side forest : Six kinds of side dishes
Rice and seasonal ingredients steamed in a small pot
Japanese pickles
Seasonal fruits

Breakfast and Children's meal



This time, breakfast was also changed to a new menu.
The main dish is "Kagomori (basket full)" in which a lot of taste of mountain is packed, rich in flavor and variety.
Besides, the bean curd hot pot and the grilled fish of the season which are good in morning.
This breakfast makes you smile.
Check in is until 21:00.
So, you can afford to your schedule.
It's plan for business and free trip.
Children’s meal
Children's meal
We want the whole family to smile.
We also offer the volume and taste of the dishes to the children with a hearty appetite.
We collected only the favorite menus for children.
"It was delicious, wasn't it !"
Such its word may actually be the memory of the trip for mother and father.

※One of the dinner for elementary school students