The hot spring

please Enjoy Eight hot springs at the hotel

Gender replacement system on the day
(15:00 to 24:00) and next morning (5:30 to 10:00).
You can enjoy the following eight kinds of hot springs.
Source of hot spring "Beni-no-Yu(Akayu)", open-air bath, plain hot water, and sauna

* You can enjoy "Beni-no-Yu" with 1, 3, 4, 5 baths.
Beni-no-Yu, Shiro-no-Yu

1."Beni-no-Yu"hot springhot spring

Please enjoy our prideful hot spring in a large bathtub.
If you take a bath, the body warms from the inside, so you can realize its efficacy.

2."Shiro-no-Yu"not hot spring

Please warm your body before taking "Beni-no-Yu", or for a child has delicate skin.
You can enjoy the bath while watching the scenery seen from the wider window.

Open-air bath 1 "Beni-no-Yu"
Open-air bath 2 "Beni-no-Yu"

3.Open-air bath 1 "Beni-no-Yu"hot springhot spring

An open-air bath characterized by a gourd shape and green.
It seems as if you have a relaxing time in the forest.

4.Open-air bath 2 "Beni-no-Yu"hot springhot spring

An open-air bath is opened in December 2017.
Please relax your mind and body with a japanese style of small garden and an open-air bath made of pottery.

Beni-no-Yu, Shiro-no-Yu

5."Beni-no-Yu"hot springhot spring

While taking a lot of light of the sun and moonlight to come in through a big window, you can feel paradise in a hot spring bathtub.
You can charge moisture to your mind and body.

6."Shiro-no-Yu"not hot spring

Please take a break for a while here, after taking a indoor hot spring "Beni-no-Yu" and experience its power.
And this time, take open-air hot spring "Beni-no-Yu"...
Please enjoy alternating hot spring in this way.

Sauna (cypress)
Sauna (stone)

7.Sauna (cypress)

It's basic style sauna of Finnish style.
Please make cool-down in the water bath after you sweat refreshingly.

8.Sauna (stone)

Far infrared radiation will surely warm your body.
It makes you sweaty and comfortable.
It will cause a synergistic effect with hot spring and improve your metabolism steadily.

How to enjoy hot spring

The place of the body to pour hot water first on yourself is the tip.

The place of the body to pour hot water first on yourself is the tip.

If you suddenly took a bathtub, your blood pressure will soar.
Please be careful, especially people with high blood pressure.
Let's take hot water from the tip of a foot.

At first, repeat the half body bathing and break.

At first, repeat the half body bathing and break.

Let's get used to hot water while repeating bathing and breaks.
It takes a bath till around the navel 3 minutes. 5-minutes break from the bath.
By repeating them several times, you gradually get used to bath temperature.

Lift your body and relax.

Lift your body and relax.

Let's relax with a head on the edge of the bathtub.
"Floating bath" which raises the waist as it is effective, too.
Let's weaken the power of the limbs and move it swayingly.

Refraining from using clean hot water used outside the bathtub

Refraining from using clean hot water used outside the bathtub

Hot spring "Akayu" in Yuuwa is salt spring which owns heat keeping and moisturizing effect.
We recommend not to wash away the hot spring ingredients.
Refraining from using clean hot water used outside the bathtub, if you expect the effect.

After taking a bath, make it rest and hydrate it.

After taking a bath, make it rest and hydrate it.
Let's take a break from 30 minutes to an hour after bathing.
Please drink a drink set up outside the bathroom.
No refrain from drinking alcohol immediately after taking a bath.

Quality and effect of hot spring "Beni-no-Yu"

The hotel is a bit far from Arima Onsen area.
However, this is the genealogy of "Akayu" which is the characteristic of this surrounding hot spring.
Dark reddish-brown hot water rich in iron.
It is an excellent proof of ingredients.
By the blessing that begins to spring out from the earth, body regains spirit.
Here is a hidden popular hot spring, which is known for hot spring fans, "I do not want to teach if possible".

Components of hot springs

Property The quality of gush periodically changes.
Colorlessness to Dark reddish-brown
Clear to Muddiness
Odorless to Feeble odor of hydrogensulfate
Carbonate taste / Saltiness / Bitterness / Metallic taste
Hydrogen ion concentration 5.52 to 5.87 pH value
Density(20℃/4℃) 1.0036 to 1.0057
Evaporation remaining water 7.104 to 10.14g/kg
Radon(Rn) content 49.8Bq/kg 3.70 Mache unit
Spring quality Containing carbon dioxide - sodium - chloride
Isotonicity / weak acidity / Low temperature hot spring
Temperature of
hot spring
25.4℃(temperature 6.3℃)
Indications Rheumatism / Neuralgia / Gout / Chronic skin disease / Anemia
Contraindications Malignant tumors / Severe heart
disease / Serious anemia / Under the pregnancy (the early days and the latter period)

Effect of carbon dioxide spring

In hot spring components, the property of the carbonated spring including carbon dioxide is confirmed, too.
When carbonic acid contained in hot springs is absorbed from the skin, blood circulation improves.
When getting out of the bath, body gets very warm.
Metabolism is improved and it is effective for poor circulation.
The carbonic acid effect is also excellent. Because it is a low temperature hot spring.
This is good for neuralgia, muscle pain, heart, too.

It is effective for these symptoms!

Relieving fatigue
Chronic digestive organs disease
Chronic constipation

Effect of Chloride substance

"Power of the salt" is effective to body.
The salt which attached to skin by bathing is...
Effect of heat keeping and moisturizing
(for to be moistened skin).
It has bactericidal action and it is effective against cut!
It is hard to feel a cool after a bath
"Warming hot water" is hard to feel a cool after a bath.

It is exactly a hot spring like "amulet that makes body beautiful."

It is effective for these symptoms!

Chronic skin disease
Chronic woman's diseases
Menstrual disorder